Secureum bootcamp for smart contract security auditing

Security 🤝 Ethereum (c) 2021, Secureum

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What originally started as a newsletter covering the security of Ethereum by Rajeev Gopalakrishna, has since evolved into a full-fledged bootcamp to educate and onboard security enthusiasts into the field of smart contract security auditing.

For more information about the bootcamp and its materials (in the spirit on the open-source community, they are freely available!) I invite you to visit the websites behind the links and to join the Secureum on Discord.

I signed up for the Secureum bootcamp epoch 0 (October - December 2021) and will post my thoughts on the eight different tracks:

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Watch Rajeev, Corey and the top performers of Epoch 0 talk about their experience on the podcast Hashing it Out