Secureum Part 6: Audit Techniques & Tools 101

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  1. Article on "Audit Techniques & Tools 101":
  2. YouTube videos on "Audit Techniques & Tools 101":
    1. Block 1:
    2. Block 2:
    3. Block 3:
    4. Block 4:
    5. Block 5:


  1. Read:
    1. How to Prepare for a Smart Contract Audit
    2. What is a Security Audit, When You Should Get One, and How to Prepare
    3. 246 Findings From our Smart Contract Audits: An Executive Summary
  2. Run MythX (Use promotion code: redacted) on Fei Protocol contracts and analyze the reported findings:
  3. Run Slither on Uniswap V3 contracts and analyze the reported findings:
  4. Watch “The Evolution of Smart Contract Security” by Dan Guido, Trail of Bits:
  5. Attempt Paradigm CTF:


  • Jokes aside, this was an entertaining chapter! I really liked the list of audit firms (I will repost them in a separate article) + an overview of all the security tooling one can use. It is a daunting overview to say the least, but such is life. Security is complex, and in such a fast-paced, emerging technology field it's to be expected that there is a exponential growth in supporting security tools.
  • I might publish some articles with how-to's on each tool, that's perhaps helpful for 1/ myself and 2/ other people dipping their toes in smart contract security audits.