Capture The Flag (CTF)

Rekt (c) Sigmund / Unsplash

Here's a list to some well-known Ethereum CTF challenges. I might do a more detailed write-up of some of these to brush up my writing skills (😅), as soon as I have finished some of them:

If you get stuck, you can find walkthroughs on BlockThreat's GitHub repository: https://github.com/blockthreat/blocksec-ctfs. Or search elsewhere online, just use your favourite search engine.

Not only do you find write-ups there, @blockthreat also lists plenty of other blockchain security Wargames, Challenges, and Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions!

There exist other, lesser-known "pop-up" CTF challenges, e.g. see samczsun's post on Twitter with the corresponding pinball machine contract 🕹 (welp, it already dates back to 2021, how time flies...):


Capture the Flag (CTF) in cyber security is an exercise in which "flags" are secretly hidden in purposefully-vulnerable programs or websites. CTF's are often organised as a live competition where participants steal flags either from other competitors (attack/defense-style CTFs) or from the organizers (jeopardy-style challenges). Several variations exist, including hiding flags in vulnerable blockchain contracts for others to exploit and/or abuse: thus enter blockchain (security) CTF's! These challenges are based on the traditional outdoor sport of the same name. (~ loosely copied from Wikipedia and extended by myself)

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash