Newsletters Etcetera

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I try not to go too overboard with subscribing to newsletters, since I only have so much "free time". I am already suffering from information overload 🤯 in The Age of the Attention Economy, so I try to rationalize my news intake.


Blockchain Threat Intelligence 
Blockchain Threat Intelligence newsletter is a weekly, independent newsletter to capture the latest security news, tools, events, vulnerabilities, and threats in the cryptocurrency landscape. The newsletter is written by Peter Kacherginsky (iphelix).

Week in Ethereum News
Everything, and more than you ever you wanted to know, about the Ethereum ecosystem.

Argent Newsletter
Edward from Argent writes a decent newsletter, that is actually not boring. It is not too long, and covers a nice amount of interesting or important topics. Argent is one of the better (dare I say best?) wallet providers - they are trailblazers in the space.

Cryptocurrency and Friends
In-depth articles about cryptocurrencies and especially its underlying technology & concepts. By Patrick McCorry. Yes, the same Patty that taught us Patrick McCorry's Cryptocurrency Class 2022 and A Better Mental Model for Rollups, Plasma, and Validating Bridges 🙌

Other sources

Other great sources for news are, of course, Discord and Crypto Twitter. Build your own curated lists and enjooooooooy!

Here are a couple of Discord servers where I am lurking (apparently permanent Discord Invite Links are a pain in the ass to generate, so I am not going to directly link to them): ETHSecurity Community, Secureum, SkidsDAO, Immunefi, Flashbots, solidity-dev, Go Ethereum, ...

Extra interesting reading material, but not necessarily focused on blockchain security:

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