Secureum Bootcamp Part 4: Security Pitfalls & Best Practices 101

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  1. Article on "Security Pitfalls & Best Practices 101":
  2. YouTube videos on "Security Pitfalls & Best Practices 101":
    1. Block 1:
    2. Block 2:
    3. Block 3:
    4. Block 4:
    5. Block 5:


  1. Explore the SWC Registry list and test cases:
  2. Watch “Intro to Security First Development” by Gonçalo Sá, ConsenSys Diligence:
  3. Watch “Protect your Crypto and Avoid Getting Hacked” by Mehdi Zerouali, Sigma Prime:
  4. Watch “DeFi Security: With So Many Hacks, Will It Ever Be Safe?” on Unchained Podcast with Dan Guido (Trail of Bits) and Taylor Monahan (MyCrypto):
  5. Attempt CTF:


  • Update on 7 November 2021, the evening at the deadline before the quiz for this part closes. I'm really having trouble to set aside enough hours to study (read the articles, watch the video's, do the assignments, ...). Family life is quite consuming (and takes priority 😅) i.e. I only have a couple of hours available in the evenings (and then not even every day / night), so it's pretty hard. Anyway, let's keep going at it!