Secureum TrustX @ Devconnect Istanbul (2023)

(c) Secureum

Secureum TrustX is back with another edition! This time at Devconnect Istanbul (november 13-19, 2023).

In 0xRajeev's own words (who is the founder of Secureum):

"Secureum TrustX is a first-of-its-kind technical event dedicated to the Ethereum security ecosystem. Security is critical to Ethereum and its applications. TrustX is a flagship community event dedicated to Ethereum security.

Leading security builders, researchers, analysts & OGs will speak across talks, panels and workshops.

  • Discuss/Debate: Security Ideas
  • Learn/Launch: Security Products & Services
  • Partner/Participate: Ethereum Community
  • Educate/Evaluate: Ethereum Security


Consensus Layer, Execution Layer, Rollups & Bridges, Infrastructure, Languages, EVM, Secure Coding, Vulnerabilities & Exploits, Audits, Formal Verification, Monitoring, Incident Response, Bug Bounties, Insurance, Tools & Services, DeFi/NFT/Oracles/Governance, DevSecOps, Cryptography, Operational Security, Web2 Security, Zero-Knowledge, MEV, Education/Community & Privacy."

The call for talks is now open! I will update this post with the recordings of the talks after the event.

Feel free to watch the recorded talks of last year via Secureum TrustX @ Devonnect Amsterdam!