DeFi Security Summit 2022 by Stanford

(c) DeFi Security Summit

I came back from a long and refreshing summer holiday, so I haven't had much time to catch up with all the latest security news, but here it goes!

A lazy post pointing to the First Annual DeFi Security Summit (2022). You can find all the recordings on their YouTube channel. Some presentations (in PDF) can be found on their website as well.

Its line-up of speakers is chockful with very knowledgeable folks from the Web3 / DeFi / smart contract security sphere:

  • Mitchell Amador, CEO of Immunefi
  • Kurt Barry, Smart Contract Specialist, MakerDao
  • Emiliano Bonassi, Co-Founder of DeFi Italy
  • Anton Permenev, Founding Partner at ChainSecurity
  • Julien Bouteloup, Founder of Rekt, Blackpool & Stake DAO, Curve Team Member
  • Tarun Chitra, CEO and Co-Founder of Gauntlet
  • Nurit Dor, VP Product at Certora
  • Jared Flatow, VP of Engineering at Compound Labs
  • Emilio Frangella,  Head of Smart Contracts at AAVE BGD
  • Jesse Tasman, Head of product at Redefine
  • Mudit Gupta, Chief Security Officer at Polygon
  • Hugh Karp, Founder of Nexus Mutual
  • samczsun, Research Partner at Paradigm and White-Hat Hacker
  • Gonçalo Sa, Co-Founder and Security Researcher ConsenSys Diligence
  • Mehdi Zerouali, Co-Founder and Director of Sigma Prime
  • Christopher Whinfrey, Co-Founder at Hop
  • Ryan Zarick, Co-Founder and CTO of LayerZero
  • Nicolás Venturo, Head of Smart Contracts at Balancer Labs
  • Tina Qian, Blockchain Security Engineer at Coinbase
  • Richard Chen, General Partner at 1confirmation
  • Jonathan Alexander, CTO of Openzeppelin
  • Michael George, Director of Product at Certora
  • Joran Honig, Security Researcher & Product Lead at ConsenSys Diligence
  • storm0x, Contributor in Security and Core Development, Yearn Finance
  • Everett Hildenbrandt, CTO of Runtime Verification
  • Kostas Ferles, Principal Scientist at Veridise
  • Layne Haber, Research Lead, Connext
  • Nick Selby, VP, Software Assurance Practice, Trail of Bits
  • Filipe Casal, Cryptography Analyst at Trail of Bits
  • Neville Grech, Security Engineer and Founder of Dedaub
  • Mark Toda, Protocol Engineer, Uniswap Labs
  • Yuchen Lin, Lead Security Engineer, TrustToken
  • Denys Ivanov, Hacken COO
  • David Tarditi, VP of Engineering at CertiK
  • Yoav Weiss, Security Fellow at the Ethereum Foundation
  • Jan Gorzny, Head of L2 Scaling, Quantstamp

Thank you Spencer from Spearbit 👋