Devansh Batham's Genesis 0x00: A Series on Blockchain Security

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Here is another great blog series to help you on your journey down the blockchain security rabbit hole:

Genesis 0x00: A Series on Blockchain Security by Devansh Batham.

I would do Devansh a disservice by not quoting his own summary, so here it goes:

Genesis is going to be a series of weekly articles on Blockchain Security, which will include interesting topics such as Blockchain basics, Blockchain Development, Ethereum 101, Building Dapps, Common vulnerabilities in smart contracts, Auditing Solidity source code, Static analysis of smart contracts, latest news and future state of DeFi.

At the time of writing of this blog post he has published the first installments:


1) I am pretty in interested in trying the Learning Solidity in 30 Days challenge, since that is the part where I am struggling the most. Theory is all fine and dandy, but if you are not familiar withor fluent in Solidity, well then....

2) His simplified roadmap (0x01) is extensive, but I reckon you need to already have a fairly good understanding of these concepts, to be able to put the pieces together. The biggest challenge is that, by just reading this stuff, you are not getting proficient or getting hands-on experience. I can personally attest to this. I finished the Secureum bootcamp epoch 0 (i.e. read all the materials & I participated in all the quizzes), but the learning curve was just too high. I need to back to basics and get my hands dirty in Solidity to make some real progress.

This reminds me of advice formulated in CryptoDevHub's Getting Started wiki:

"It isn't super important what you're building as long as you focus your efforts on writing code, rather than consuming more blog posts and YouTube videos." 

So much this folks 👆. Do not make the same mistakes I made... 💯

3) Speaking of "roadmaps"... I recently came across Cia Officer's Defi Developer Roadmap: 

Beware: this screenshot shows only a subset of steps and topics that you need to cover..

This is another valuable, yet massive roadmap! I hope you are starting to see a pattern here with these roadmaps... In order to get up to speed in this ecosystem, one needs to study/process/master a rather large amount of (often technical) topics. So better start getting used to the fact, that it will take time🧘‍♀️😅.

Note: I will most probably make a separate blog post about Cia Officer and his projects (besides this DeFi Developer Roadmap, he has other great research going on).