Cyber And Hacking In The Worlds Of Blockchain And Crypto by Oded Vanunu, Roman Zaikin & Dikla Barda

(c) Bady Abbas / Unsplash

I recently ordered the English version of the book "Cyber and Hacking in the worlds of Blockchain and Crypto", authored by Oded Vanunu, Roman Zaikin & Dikla Barda. It is based on their Defcon workshop "from zero to hero in blockchain security".

I really dislike the hoodie hacker stereotype, but I digress, content trumps visuals.

I am sucker for printed books, so I could not resist the urge to order. It does not come cheap (I paid approx. $55 shipping included), but I do not mind supporting these aspiring authors (they all work as security researchers at Checkpoint 😉).

What will you learn?

The theory and practice of detecting security vulnerabilities in blockchain technology

  • Learn the theory behind blockchain at the level of bits and bytes.
  • Learn how to develop a smart contract and upload it to the blockchain network.
  • Learn what are the security flaws in smart contracts and how to detect them.
  • Learn top 10 existing attack vectors in blockchain dApps.
  • Learn how digital wallets work and the different types of wallets available.
  • Learn about attacks on smart contracts in the DeFi field.
  • Learn about Web3.
  • Learn the different types of crypto exchanges and the associated risks.
  • Learn about NFTs and how weaknesses in the platforms were exploited.
  • And more!

Here is a written interview with the three of them regarding the launch of their book. 

Photo by bady abbas on Unsplash