A Tool for Detecting Metamorphic Smart Contracts by Michael Blau (a16z crypto)

(c) Chan / Unsplash

Michael Blau released his detector for metamorphic smart contracts:

A critical Ethereum security assumption is that smart contract code is immutable and therefore cannot be changed once it is deployed on the blockchain. In practice, some smart contracts can change – even after they’ve been deployed. With a few clever tricks, you can create metamorphic smart contracts that “metamorphose” into something else – and by understanding what makes them possible, you can detect them.

Detector tool: 

Anatomy of a metamorphic smart contract
(c) Michael Blau / az16 crypto

Photo by Chan on Unsplash.

az16 crypto (az16 is perhaps not the most ethical VC firm in existence, but then again what company truly is?) also has other great resources: